Building a Home Studio

Many of us are looking to record audio for different reasons. Perhaps your band needs to put together a demo or you may have a song down on paper that you wish to record or maybe you're looking to get into recording as a career. I remember reading an article somewhere about the best way musicians should practice. The article stated that an effective method is to record yourself. When doing so, the musician tricks his mind into believing there is an audience paying attention to what he is doing therefore this forces the musician to focus ruthlessly during practice and be able to revise his work for errors afterwards. You don't have to give your recording to anyone and you can surely delete it after your practice sessions, but the moral of the story here is that anyone engaged in audio or music should know or have some basic knowledge on how to record themselves. Which brings us to the purpose of this series of articles. This guide will help you understand some of the fundamental concepts of recording and should serve as a good introduction into the craft of recording and audio processing.

There are 5 important elements that make up a recording studio which will be discussed in this chapter. These five main elements are: