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what is the leading tone (ti)

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The leading tone is the seventh scale degree of a major scale which "leads" into the tonic, or root note.


Oct 27, 2015

It is usually called leading because of the ti-do feel it gives. The seventh in a major scale always pulls you towards the octave.


Yes the leading tone is the 7th scale degree of a scale (any major or minor scale), in which the sound "leads" you to the tonic. Hope it helps! <>

Nov 09, 2015

In a Major (Ionian) scale the leading tone would be the 7th note or the last note of the scale . It is referred to as the " leading " tone cause the next note in order is the root note (octave ) which is the key of the scale . The Seventh degree is known as the " Locrian " mode . If you were to harmonize notes in the Major scale in triads they would be either Major or minor except for the 7th note , the leading tone (7th) if you were to harmonize the leading tone in triads it would be a Diminished triad because of the flat 5th .Anything else or if you need more information i can help you with, just ask Clifton

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