Dominant 7th...? without the major or minor third?

Hi, I have been searching a lot to find out the name for this chord. I know it is a bit undecisive, but I am using it a lot in one of my songs. And I just want to know more about what I am doing. What would be the right name for it? My song seems to vary between the C harmonic minor and C natural minor keys. And sometimes I prefer to leave it undecided and just use this triad instead...

--vextab options space=20 tabstave notation=true tablature=false clef=bass key=C time=4/4 notes (D/3.F/3.G/2) options space=25 --vextab

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I would agree with you and say that is a G7 (or Gm7) without the third. It does leave it a little ambiguous though since that third could be major or minor. Either way it would function like a V7 (or v7) chord in C minor; especially with that G in the bass.


Feb 19, 2015


Lost in space ??? Without the third, your playing nothing!!

As ( grimmdude ) pointed out, no third no dice.

Your playing a 1,5,m7th. Could be anything. Dominant 7th, Minor ,Minor Pentatonic, Blues.

1 = root, 5 = perfect , minor 7th = dominant or flatten 7th ( minor 7th )

It's not Harmonic minor because you have a b7th; Harmonic minor has a Major 7th.

Hope this helps.


Apr 19, 2015

This appears to be a 'drop 2' inversion of an 'A' Major triad.

Oct 24, 2016

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