Mode Finding on the Guitar Fret-Board

Fret-Board ‘Mode Finding’ / theory

( I need to know, if the 'Theory' presented below, is accurate, and correct, 'Musical Theory', as it pertains to the Guitar Fret-Board),

The ‘Dorian Mode’ is derived from the ‘Major Scale’ at the 2nd degree, ascending, 1‘Whole tone, ( 2 frets Up ), on the ‘Guitar Fret-Board.

However: The ‘Dorian Mode’, also is derived from the ‘Major Scale’ at the 2nd degree, ‘descending, 1 Whole tone, down, ( 2 frets Down ), on the Guitar Fret-Board.

Depending, whether you are playing on the ‘Sharp (#) Side, or the / ‘Flat (b) Side, of the ‘Circle of Fifths.

The only criteria, I can fathom, is that, all of the ‘musicians’ must be in agreement, as to their 'Choice, of ‘Theory.

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Trying new access point. Whatever 'Key' is chosen, finding the 'Root', wanting to go to Mixolydian mode, because the 'Back-Up', is playing a 'Dominant 7, ( for example ), and, as the Mixolydian mode is #5... go back a fifth, and then play the intervals of a 'G' w/ a b7. (?).

Feb 07, 2017

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