Where are the 9th and 13th chords in this list?

Your list doesn't show any chords as 9ths or 13ths. Why?

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Just because it takes time to write those tutorials and I've been pretty biz lately. I'd like to open up the site so that users can contribute by adding lessons of their own. Are you interested?


Feb 20, 2015

Ok. Fair enough. I'm not schooled in music theory. I learned by ear, very early in my life (1950's). You have a good idea, though. You should pursue it, regardless. I'm a former lead singer for The Human Beinz (Nobody But Me - 1968) and sang with a newer version of the band for 6 years. However, I have been a lead vocalist fro several bands (2 piece to 8 piece) and some recording artists in the past. My piano knowledge comes from my childhood, as does my very weak ability to read music. i took drum lessons at 14 yrs old (1964); but chose singing when I discovered I had more passion for voice than I did percussion. I am not a good "teacher" type for written music or theory; but I instinctively understand it when I hear it. I've been asked to teach vocals; but I respectfully decline in all cases.

My reason for visiting your site was to try to figure out chord structures for a song I wrote, but had to have a schooled musician arrange and "flavor" the song properly so I could sing it. I believe there are Maj 9th chords and possibly minor 9ths as well as a 13th somewhere in the mix. I'm currently in the process of getting my song scored with a lead sheet so I can copyright it, before I publish. I've been a performer for over 50 years; but I have been quite insufficient at writing songs using notation and lead sheets. I'm not at all proud of that.

Thank you for the invitation, anyway. I hope you do have some time to flesh out 9ths and 13ths,and any other "odd" chordal structures that provide a musical 'road not taken' often color and flavor.

best to you, Rick White The Human Beinz: 2005-2011

Mar 06, 2015

In the C Major Scale, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. - is, C, D,E,F,G,A,B. 8/1 is C, again, beginning the 2nd Octave. (9th is 'D,... and 16th, is '2nd degree 'D, of the 3rd Octave. Often the 'D, is eliminated in the 1rst Octave, due to 'Fingering, or 'Voicing Choice.

Oct 22, 2016

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