I have one way perfect pitch - how?

I know I have well tuned relative pitch, as I can easily recognize intervals and sing back any song perfectly after hearing it once or twice. Also, I can very often recognize guitar chords from the intervals between the notes. After having sung a song for a while, I can (at any time, even if I haven't sung the song in a long time) recall the first note from muscle memory (where the note sits in my vocal range). Now here's the weird part: Pretty often, I will hear a single note and immediately associate it with the first note of a song... I then check the song and the note will indeed be the first note. However, I am unable to think of a song and pinpoint the first note - I usually come pretty close, but often not exactly. Also I cannot associate notes with their lettering (C, C#, D, etc.). What do I have exactly?

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