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Is the function of an 'Arpeggio ( 1-3-5-b7 ), the same as a 'Tetra-Chord'?

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I don't believe so. The definition of a tetrachord is:

A scale of four notes, the interval between the first and last being a perfect fourth.

The interval between the first and last note in your example is a minor seventh. I think this would more closely resemble a tetrachord: 1 - 2 - b3 - 4


Jan 05, 2017

Thanks Garrett... I agree. I saw some "guitar teacher" that described an 'Arpeggio', as a Tetra-Chord', and I needed a credible confirmation, that he was wrong... That's seems to be an online problem, ( teachers giving wrong information ). Thanks again.

Jan 05, 2017

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